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Ilyushin Finance & Co placed an order for eight Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft


IFC placed an order for eight SSJ-100 aircraft

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC, part of United Aircraft Corporation) and Ilyushin Finance & Co leasing company signed contract at Farnborough air show for delivery of 8 SSJ 100 LR (long range version) aircraft, ITAR-TASS reports.

This agreement follows the firm contract for delivery of 20 SSJ 100 aircraft signed by SCAC and IFC at MAKS-2013 airshow, CEO of IFC, Alexander Rubtsov, explained. That order was focused on customers from South-East Asia, - he said. – Today we are working on deliveries to this region together with SCAC. However, the project was delayed for various reasons. That is why we decided to sign one more contract".

According to Rubtsov, the latest contract is “entirely different, first of all, in terms of its geography". "We and UAC are presenting new financial product – long-term operational leasing on favorable terms".

“Residual Value Guarantee (RVG) will be provided in the network of this deal. "The RVG will be provided for the first time, - Rubtsov said. – This option will be available in 2015 and the next year the state support in the form of RVG will be used in full".

The deliveries will be focused on European airlines, CEO of IFC added. He didn’t name the carriers, which are in talks with IFC. He noted that IFC held negotiations with potential customers (including British airlines) at Farnborough airshow.

Under the signed contract the deliveries will be started in September 2015 and will be completed “in the first or second quarter of 2016”, Rubtsov explained.