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Ilyushin Finance branches out

Lessor IFC may shortly branch out from selling primarily Russian-built aircraft if changes to its shareholder structure materialise


The first serial An-158 is going to be built in 2011

Today Tatyana Anodina, Chief of Interstate Aviation Committee, handed the type certificate of An-148/158 to the representatives of Antonov design bureau


Antonov-158 has been certified

Vedomosti reports that Ukraine’s state corporation Antonov has been granted the type certificate for An-158 regional jet


D Level FFS for Antonov-148

At last the FFS has become available for the new Russian regional jet – Antonov-148 with S7 Training base in Domodedovo


An-148: operator’s verdict

The aviation industries of Russia and Ukraine seek a new place in the global market for passenger jetliners with the Antonov An-148 regional jet family


First An-148 Supply Contract Completed

On November 30, 2010, “Ilyushin Finance Co.” (IFC) leasing company delivered the sixth regional An-148 jet to GTK “Rossiya” air company


IFC’s results at Farnborough 2010 (Great Britain)

IFC’s contracts in relation to An-158 and An-148